16 grams | 1 oz tin

Get Smooth, Shiny Teeth,

Healthy Gums & Brilliant Breath.


Directions: Once daily, wet a soft toothbrush and take a little powder dip. Start your amazing mouth brushing. It is lifting bacteria and whitening your teeth even deep into the gums.

You have the cleanest, freshest, naturally whitest teeth EVER.

For extra awesome results use our Tooth Brushing Oil for your 2nd daily brushing or combine both!


Never use toothpaste again.

Surprise your Dentist and Dental Hygentist with Your Amazing Mouth.

For the World`s Freshest Breath, Healthiest Gums, Whitest and Strongest Teeth, We Recommend Brushing Once Daily With:

Brilliant Breath Tooth Brushing Minerals

AND Once Daily With:

Brilliant Breath Tooth Brushing Oil


(For Instance, Use one of them in the morning and one of them at night)




Tooth Brushing Mineral

Pick Your Strength
  • Calcium phosphate hydroxy-apatite, magnesium phosphorus, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Trace Minerals, (Xylitol), Cannabis sativa (Whole plant hemp extract taken from the stalk of certified organic agricultural hemp), (Myrrh) commiphora myrrha, (Frankincense Oil) boswellia carteri, Essential Oils

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