Ticked Soap

SKU: 0008

One Bar of Soap

 - great to use with our Ticked Spray!


I don`t know about you; but we are TICKED with the disease transferring blood sucking bugs that inhabit our planet! We are also TICKED about the toxic chemical choices avalable to try to repel them. Further more we are not so impressed with many of the essential oil blends that either are unpleasent to smell or simply don`t work. Ticked Blood Sucking Bug Soap is totally natural and is time tested by our brave but faithful family and friends. This is the formula that everyone enjoys and they say is "The Bomb". There are even a few super cool peeps that use it as perfume. An adverizing slogan could go…”Attract a mate but repel the bugs you hate”….Hmmmmmm. What do you think? Suds Up. It can be used on dogs, horses and kiddos. Smells so amazing you may find yourself using it for everything not just the Great outdoors!


  • Honesty Natural Ingredients:

    Honestly Natural Ingredients: Saponified 100% food Grade Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oils, natural mineral or earth pigments, herbs and essential oils.

  • This Soap is Vegan


  • It`s Vintage Soap


    All natural or organic nourishing ingredients 

    plant based oils · essential oils or natural Fragrances · non-GMO

    made from scratch in small batches