Probiotic & Magnesium ALL OVER BODY SPRAY!

Sweaty arm pits and feet...

Stinky nooks and crannies...

Stink Stop Deodorant Spray

Honestly Natural Scents
    • Mint Tonic (infusion of garden herbs; refreshing and uplifting)
    • SawDust (freshly hewn trees; for those wanting to blend with nature)
    • Rose Blush (delicate rose for the romantic)
    • Fresh Earth (the delicious first scoop of the shovel; elegant and herbal) 
    • Vanilla Herb (lavender with the softness of vanilla; loved by all) 
  • Honestly Natural Ingredients - (Purified Water), (Alcohol),(Witch Hazel Extract) Hamamelis Virginiana Distillate, Saccharomyces Ferment, (Magnesium) Magnesium Hydroxide (Silver Sol) Purified Silver, (Essential Oils or Natural Fragrance) 

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