Perlie Whitening Tooth Brushing Oil

Perlie Whitening Tooth Brushing Oil

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Brush, Wash, Swish and Floss

Directions: Shake before each use.

BRUSHING: Once or twice daily apply a squirt or so to a wet, soft toothbrush and enjoy your two minutes of brushing. Spit. Rinse. Done! For extra awesome results use with our Tooth Brushing Powder for a dental hygienist clean! MOUTH WASH AND GARGLE: Pump one or two squirts directly into your mouth. Add enough water to swish or gargle for a minute. Sore Throat Gone. Dog Breath Gone.

OIL PULLING: Once a week, 4-5 Pumps right into your mouth, swish to pull up the gunk from between your teeth and under the gum line for 3-5 minutes. Spit. Rinse. Wowza!

FLOSS: Give a squirt to the old floss and go to town cleaning up between the teeth. Gums sing for joy, It’s a New Day.

BREATH FRESHENER: Give yourself and a friend a squirt. Don’t Spit. Kiss.

For the World’s Most Brilliant Breath,

Healthiest Gums, Whitest and Strongest Teeth!

Never use toothpaste again.



  • Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil(Oleaceae) Fractionated Coconut Oil(Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,(Spearmint)mentha spicata spearmint,(Peppermint)mentha piperita peppermint,(Cinnamon)cinnamomun zeylanicum(Clove)eugenia caryophyllata,(Myrrh)commiphora myrrha,(Tea Tree)melaleuca alternifolia(Frankincense Oil)boswellia carteri(Organic Stevia)stevia rebaudiana