One bar of soap.


This Soap is MAGIC.Turmeric, and it`s active extract Curcumin are one of natures most potent anti-inflammatories. Neem is loaded with nutrients and contains a compound known as nimbidin proven to remove surface bacteria and relieve swelling and redness. We have seen this work for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin inflammation. BEWARE. Because this soap is absolutely loaded with crazy healing herbs and oils some people think this soap smells a little Stinky. However, others have reported that it is their very favorite scent. We say if it works, then who cares what it smells like. Give it a whirl.

Magic Clear Skin Soap

  • Honestly Natural Ingredients: Saponified 100% food Grade Olive, Coconut, and Palm Oils, natural mineral or earth pigments, herbs and essential oils.

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