Hemp Leaves | Relief Now

Hemp Leaves | Relief Now


5 grams

Locally Grown | Glory Acre | Polar, WI

Grown with care on clean land with absolutely no chemicals. 

Third party lab results always available.


Cultivar - Relief Now

Profile - Peppery Floral


Total Maximum Active CBD:  5.43%  | 212mg per 5 grams

Total Cannabinoid: 4.28%


Tested below 0.3% THC. In compliance WI Stat. 94.55 CodeATCP 22


  • Do - It - Yourself Ideas

    Infuse into water for tea.

    Infuse into butter/oil for edible or topical application.

    Make a tinture.

    Grind into powder and add to food.

    Medicinal inhalation.

    Cannabinoids are fat soluable, for best absorbtion add fat/oil to edible preperation.