Golden Flower Kombucha Vintage Crafted Soap

Golden Flower Kombucha Vintage Crafted Soap


One bar of soap.

A skin loving secret is Kombucha! You drink it to make your insides healthy, now you can suds up with it and see the amazing results for the outside too. This soap starts off as a base of fresh kombucha straight out of the keg. To that, we had our super lush fats and beautiful natural blend of roses and citrus oils. A little sprinkle of true gold mica on top insures that this soap is so simply unique you will feel like golden royalty showering with this one.


 - Note, soap color may vary from photo as each batch is hand crafted in small batches.

  • Ingredients

    Honestly Natural Non-GMO Ingredients, plant based oils, mineral & earth pigments, herbs, essential oils, natural fragrances