Pure Zero - 3600 mg Hemp Naturally Unflavored

Pure Zero - 3600 mg Hemp Naturally Unflavored


Contains absolutely no THC.


3600 mg/120 mL FreshMade Hemp Pure Zero is purified plant extract taken from the stalk of Certified USDA Organic American-Grown Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), and is carefully blended with wholesome MCT oil (naturally occurring fatty acids Caprylic Acid and Capric Acid) that is derived from coconut/palm kernel that is Non-GMO and sustainably sourced to protect our planet and preserve native wildlife habitats.


This Superfood contains purified, potent hemp extract to remove all trace amounts of THC. We formulate this for folks that either prefer a milder flavor than that of the whole plant, or for those wanting to eliminate 3600 mg per bottle refers to lab tested cannabidiol content, approx 1 drop = 1 mg


Product can be used internally or externally. Since it has simple and clean ingredients, this product is extremely versatile. The natural flavor is so light it is easily worked into food recipes, or used as a potent base for a drop or 2 of favorite food grade/consumable essential oils.

 Some customers even use this in a low heat vaporizer/personal atomizer, “not to be confused with an essential oil diffuser” This is something customers would have to discuss with their doctor and do their own research on for proper use and equipment. We do not feel there has been enough clinical research regarding this modality. Additionaly, we are producing this product as a food, therefore we do not give any recommendations on this use.

Taste- Natural- virtually flavorless, tip (works great as a potent base for folks who like to blend with a drop of their own food grade/consumable essential oils)

Peppermint- light organic refreshing peppermint flavor

  • Ingredients:

    3600mg purified extract taken from the stalk of certified organic industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa), sustainably sourced non-gmo MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides from coconut/palm kernel oil) 

  • Pure Extract from ORGANIC HEMP


    Purified Potent BLEND of Organic Hemp Extract, ZERO THC 

    Non GMO • Vegan • Formulated without Common Allergens

    Cruelty Free, Sustainable, Committed to Affordability, Passionate about Integrative Natural Health and Sustainability, High Potency and Unique Profile