Potent Raw Blend 900 mg Hemp

Potent Raw Blend 900 mg Hemp


FreshMade Hemp Potent Raw Blend 900mg, 30ml


FreshMade Hemp Potent Raw Blend, Superfood is Full Spectrum, phytonutrient rich and terpene rich, whole plant extract taken from the stalk and seed of USDA certified organic, American-Grown agricultural hemp (Cannabis Sativa) A portion of our formula remains in it`s raw state, keeping intact the powerful compounds otherwise eliminated by heated and processing. This blend is as close to the raw entire plant as you can get and all of it`s profound, (currently discovered and yet to be discovered phytonutrients). It does contain trace amounts of THC (within legal limits)  (mg per bottle refers to lab tested naturally occurring cannabidiol content.)


Whole plant, full-spectrum, Potent Raw Hemp Extract could potentially contain any of the 120 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, along with chlorophyll, vitamins, pigments, glycosides,flavonoids, ketones, aldehydes,and amino acids. The hemp extract we use is is naturally high in CBD and low in THC (well below legal limits). Also, since a portion of our unique formula remains in its raw state, it retains the non-psychoactive molecules CBD-A and THC-A along with other nutrients that are otherwise removed or converted when heated or filtered. Can be used internally or externally. Since it has simple and clean ingredients, this product is extremely versatile. We recommend that you work with your medical professional to determine what is right for you. The taste is strong, earthly/grassy (It can be worked into other food products if desired). Entire Bottle contains 900mg cannabidiol, each drop contains approx. 1mg each


  • Ingredients:

    900mg full spectrum, phytonutrient & terpene rich, whole plant Extract taken from the stalk of certified organic agricultural hemp (Cannabis Sativa), raw, unrefined Oil taken from the seeds of certified organic industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa)


  • Fresh Extract from ORGANIC HEMP


    POTENT RAW BLEND of Organic Hemp Extract

    Non GMO • Vegan • Formulated without Common Allergens

    Cruelty Free, Sustainable, Committed to Affordability, Passionate about Integrative Natural Health and Sustainability, High Potency and Unique Profile