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Safe and Soothing for EVERY skin type

-No Synthetic Fragrances

-Pure Essential Oils and Fruit and Herb Extracts for Therapeutic Aromatherapy

-No TOXIC water dyes or colors

-Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging

-Clean Rinsing

Vitamin C for ultra glowy and brightened complexion


Kaolin Clay pore clearing and purifying and tightening mineral complex


Essential Oils aromatherapy stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems


Dead Sea Salt authentic from the famous dead sea in Israel contains over 21 minerals including magnesium, Iodine zinc and potassium super excellent for detoxification


Magnesium Salts superstar for muscle tension, cramping, recovery along with mental contentment and pain and headache relief


Himalayan Salts Genuine from the majestic mountains in Pakistan, contains over 80 trace minerals and negative ions that make help balance every cell in the body


Cocoa Butter extracted from the chocolate bean, reduces scars and stretch marks by boosting skin elasticity and suppleness


Coconut Milk luxurious and indulgent rich in vitamins and amino acids leaves skin silky soft


Colloidal Oats soothes itchiness and  skin conditions and leaves behind a lovely protective barrier


Glory Acres Hemp Extract chuck full of molecules, terpenes, and fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory, stimulate healing in skin conditions and anxiety


Mineral Micas Trace minerals provide safe non irritating hues and colors